Spacefans are the latest, most efficient HVLS fans available on the market. Their heavy duty, industrial grade, German engineered hardware and simple to operate controls easily integrate with Building Management Systems / Remote Timers / Fire Controls. Fully factory tested and backed by a 5-year warrant.

Features and benefits of using Spacefans

  • Patented Aluminium Composite made
  • Superb in power efficiency
  • Excellent haze dispersal
  • Up to 4 time more airflow than normal ceiling fans

Additional features and benefits:

  1. Aerodynamic 6 Airfoil design delivers gentle breeze in area up to 6 times fan diameter.”
  2. Provides maximum evaporative comfort temperature reduction (-4 to -6°C)
  3. Electrical energy savings up to 30% in air conditioned facilities.
  4. Improve comfort, harmony and productivity
  5. Improve air quality
  6. Eliminates multiple inefficient and noisy wall / floor fans
  7. Eliminates stagnant humid areas.
  8. Easy to install