Lesser Known Facts about HVLS Fans

Lesser Known Facts about HVLS Fans

Have you ever seen gigantic fans hanging from the ceiling, moving at very slow speeds, and wondered what the purpose of these fan could be? These are HVLS fans. They are giant fans that keep the surrounding environment cool by maintaining proper airflow in a warehouse or an industry.

These very big fans also make sure of proper flow of fresh air, which is quite important in any workplace, as too much exposure to tainted air can cause harm to the employees’ health. If you have poor ventilation or poor airflow in your work area, your surroundings could get warm and this could make for an ideal environment for bacteria and other harmful contaminants to grow. Keeping this in mind many countries have laws in place to ensure workplaces regulate specific air quality for reduced employee health risks.

HVLS Fans Make Sure the Airflow is Clean

Before the emergence of COVID-19, industrial warehouses and commercial buildings were the only entities using these fans, however things have changed now and other industries are also looking out at better options for better air quality. Ventilation systems are one way to deal with this situation, but in many cases the pollutants are heavier than the ambient air, which makes it is quite hard to drive pollutants outside the building through vent.

These high-volume low-speed (HVLS) very big fans are also considered to be the best alternatives to a ventilation system. With their big blades, these fans can move vast amounts of air while rotating at a low speed.

When it comes to circulating air inside a large closed space, HVLS fans are certainly considered to be the best at unmatched performance. Their immense size goes up-to 24ft in diameter. These fans make sure of proper movement of air in the surrounding environment, including the floor area.

These Giant Fans Enable an Energy-Efficient Ventilation System

Designing an efficient ventilation system includes making sure that the system can maintain a steady stream of fresh air inside the facility. A minimum of four air changes per hour (ACH) is considered as the basic requirement, which is increased based on the average number of people per square foot, machinery installed inside the facility, and more factors.

When setting-up along with a well-designed ventilation system, these industrial fans do not just help keep employees feeling comfortable during work at a suitable room temperature, but also make sure the thorough mixing of air helps ventilation systems to remove harmful pollutants from the surrounding. The big slow moving fans help ventilation systems take care of harmful pollutants that are present on the floor. Hence offering an energy-efficient designed ventilation system.

Other benefits that come with HVLS fans

If you are managing a warehouse, distribution center, or a large community building (such as a shopping center), you can achieve the following benefits for both, you and the people, who come to work or visit the facility.

Thorough Air Circulation

  • Mixes of warm air trapped at the top with the cool air present at the ground, to keep the surrounding comfortable.
  • Help with the effective removal of harmful pollutants.
  • Reduces the chances of spreading pollutants that can make your employees sick.

High Airspeeds

  • Creates a distinguished cooling effect during summer, which directly affects productivity inside the work environment.
  • Eliminates the transmission of airborne diseases by reducing moisture buildup that allows germs and bacteria to grow.
  • Clears polluted air regularly so that the contaminated air cannot reach the people in the areas.

High volume, Powerful Airflow

  • Can cool 22,000 square feet.
  • Maintains energy efficiency.

Reduced Humidity

  • Reduces the chances of having damaged products and equipment due to moisture and dust.
  • Decreases the chances of accidents caused by malfunctions.

Are HVLS fans really that important and worth buying?

With respiratory diseases emerging every now and then, yes these fans are important. It is very important that industrial sites and warehouses have a clean flow of air in the premises. Only by ensuring safety and health of fellow workers can a company truly achieve better returns since expenses and health costs are reduced.

HVHS fans a viable alternative to HVLS fans

An alternative to HVLS fans and as the name suggests HVHS stands for High-Volume-High-Speed industrial fanThese fans are not as big as HVLS and don’t have to hang from the ceiling. Instead, these are portable and often come with wheels, for easy movement.

Spacefans Windy 6 is a quite popular HVHS, operating at 0.4kw power ensures low energy consumption. With a wingspan of 2190mm X 2000mm X 740mm that rotates at 260rpm of max speed to 36m in range, and at full load air volume of 1168 m³, this not-so-giant fan can circulate air at a wind speed of 7m/s-0.9m/s.

It features a gearless driver and a 6 airfoil BLDC motor that requires a supply power of 220V/1P at a max current of 1.8A and generates less noise of just 43db. It weighs 300Kg and the good thing, it comes with 4 wheels attached to it that make it easy to move.

For places where the ceiling is not available due to the machinery hanging there or in the small confined spaces where HVLS can’t be used, HVHS fans can offer assistance for a proper airflow. Other than small confined places, open areas such as a sports arenas, are where once can find the best use of an HVHS fan. It features IP55 rating that allows it to operate in a moist and dusty environment.


HVLS and HVHS industrial fans are extremely important to keep the air clean and cool inside the facility. HVLS fans helps you make sure the optimum efficiency of your employees and the machinery.

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