Facts about the Windy6 HVLS Fans

Facts about the Windy6 HVLS Fans

If you’re planning on installing industrial fans or HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans, you need to understand what these giant fans are all about and you should be aware of the important factors to consider before you place your order. In different scenarios, these fans can be used for different applications and every application has its set of challenges.

We’re going to particularly talk about our latest amazing product, the Windy6. Depending on the needs and industry, this piece of art can serve different purposes.

Let’s learn more about the HVLS fans and their application factors before we move ahead to discuss why you should choose Windy6, the giant fans, for your business.

What are HVLS fans?

In simple terms, HVLS fans are the solution that large facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities face while trying to keep the interiors of the space cool.

These fans were originally created for large spaces such as barns and factories. However, with the advancements in technologies, they have found their way in commercial and domestic residences as part of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems in order to help with energy-saving.

In general, these fans are quite big and ceiling mounted with a diameter of 7 feet (2.1 meters) and bigger in some cases. These fans heavily rely on their big size to move air without the need of speed. Industrial fans for ventilation, are available for purchase in different varieties and sizes. These fans could be wall mountable, ceiling mountable and moveable (considered to perform equal to 20 upright industrial fans). Consider the following three major application design factors to ensure smart investment in the product.

1. Determining the Objective of an Industrial Fan in Your Premises:

This is the very first stage of decision making, as you have already determined that your facility requires HVLS fans. The next thing to do is to determine the goals of implementing these gigantic fans. Maybe you need these fans to bring down the temperature in your facility, to offer a more pleasant working environment.

If this is the case, the modern and more advanced HVLS Windy6 fans are the ones you need. The Windy6 has an effective distance coverage of 36m, and with this you can be assured that none of your employees have to deal with the scorching heat inside the facility.

You must begin with calculating the number of fans that would be required to achieve meet the objective, keeping in mind the optimum diameter of the fans, and how they would be installed. Making this decision first is extremely important as re-configuring the layout of these large fans could be very expensive. You can ask a fan supplier in case you need help here. Hire a reputable HVLS fan supplier in Singapore, a one that can help you with the entire project.

2. Paying Attention, as Every Site has Different Needs.

Finding the right HVLS industrial fan requires more than just standard measurements of square foot. There are general rules, but what is more important is to take care of overlooked variables.

Solid walls, racking, stacked pallets, solid stacks of product inventory, machinery, lighting, electrical conduits, water pipes, and HVAC duct work are some of the most overlooked variables that can affect the airflow from HVLS fans.

Apart from these, there are few other obstacles to consider, such as airflow bridges or gantry cranes, conveyors, signage that hangs from the ceiling, and even safety nets. All these can affect the air distribution and the quality of flow generated from an industrial fan. That’s why careful planning, following the general rules and eliminating these obstructions are highly important.

The Superfans Windy6 is the perfect and cheapest alternative to deal with these obstructions. As these movable fans can easily be shifted to a new position to meet the requirements of changing seasons and to avoid the obstructions that are usually present inside the facility.

3. Planning According to the Climatic Conditions of the Place

We’ve established that correct placement of these industrial fans is essential to obtain an energy-efficient and comfortable interior space of a facility. However, floor planing of the facility can obstruct from gaining optimum results.

These HVLS fans are quite efficient to help HVAC systems during summer, to properly ventilate the facility and provide a cool indoor temperature. However, during winter, hot air moves to the top while cool air sticks to the bottom of the room, causing a layered airflow.

This happens due to the obstruction faced by the floor jet (air pushed to the ground level by HVLS fans). Hitting the obstruction, the velocity of floor-jet is reduced and the airflow that should move outwards now has to go around or up and around to the obstruction.

When you use the movable Windy6 HVLS industrial fan, the warm air is stuck at the top while the pleasant air covers the entire surrounding at the bottom, inside a facility. The fact is, it generates less noise of just 43db level and allows to keep the fan on the base floor near the machines and the employees without causing any difficulty in communication. Furthermore the ip55 water/dust proof rating makes it easy to operate this fan in a moist or dusty environment.

Windy6 is the Simple Solution for All Your HVLS Fans Queries

From delivering constant cooling in an interior space for products preservation in warehouses, to increasing the air circulation to offer more heat. One can use these HVLS fans to maintain the desired temperature inside a warehouse of a facility.

What’s interesting about the Windy6 fans is, you can rely on it not just for temperature management but also to maintain interior spaces that stay dry or humid (depending on the need), all around the year.

When it comes to installation of traditional HVLS fans into your facility, proper floor analysis for placement of these fans is extremely important. Hire us as your HVLS fan supplier in Singapore to achieve desired results. In our opinion, most of your problems relating to these fans can be fixed with the help of movable HVLS industrial fans.

We are Spacefans, a reputable supplier of ventilation fans Singapore, and when it comes to installation of these gigantic fans, such as Speedfans Windy6 we can be of great help. Why we recommend Windy 6 is for its 0.4kw power that ensures low energy consumption and with a wingspan of 2190mm X 2000mm X 740mm that rotates at 260rpm of max speed, covering upto 36m in range. The range of wind speed is 7m/s-0.9m/s with full load air volume of 1168 m³.

The fan features a gearless driver a 6 airfoil BLDC motor that requires supply power of 220V/1P and max current of 1.8A. It weighs 300Kg but the good thing is, it comes with 4 wheels attached to it that make it easy to move.

To conclude, if you are considering installation of the HVLS fans into your facility make sure you consider the above mentioned factors. We totally recommend that you go with the more efficient movable version of our preferred industrial fan, Windy6.