Find the right size of ceiling fan

Find the right size of ceiling fan


A well-ventilated flat in humid Singapore is one of the many concerns of homeowners. While air-conditioning is a reasonable option to bring in cool air in the apartment, using ceiling fans are the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to improve air circulation.

The airflow capacity is greatly affected by length, width and height of the room. Some factors such as improper distance from ceiling, inaccurate distance from the floor and dimension of the blades would also affect the airflow capacity. A ceiling fan with the right size cools the room by creating a “wind chill effect”, which make your room 4°C to 6°C cooler than the actual room temperature.

Here is are three simple steps in determining the size of ceiling which is suitable for your room:

The first step is to determine the blade span. In order to determine blade span, you need to know the area of the room in square meter by measuring the length and width of the room in meter. Next, you need to measure the diameter of the ceiling fan in inches.

According to, the recommended blade spans for different room size are as follows:

For rooms up to 7 square meter; 29 – 36 inches blade span
For rooms 7 – 13 square meter; 36 – 42 inches blade span
For rooms 13 – 21 square meter; 44 inches blade span
For rooms 21 – 37 square meter; 50 – 54 inches blade span

The SpaceFans 76 with its 84 inches blade span is capable of being installed in rooms that are as large as 100m², which is ideal for large living or commercial space.

The second step is to determine how high you should hang the ceiling fan. In this step, you need to determine the height of the room. If you have a low ceiling up to 2.4 meter tall, please ensure that the minimum distance between floor and the blade must be 2.1 meter. If you have a ceiling above 2.7 meter, please choose a ceiling fans with down-rod. In addition, please also make sure that the distance of the fan blades from either wall must be at least 18 inches.


The final step is to determine the right downrod so that there is a safe distance from your head. For ceiling of less than 2.7 meter height, the downrod length must not exceed 3 inches. For a 2.7 meter ceiling, the downrod length should be about 3 to 6 inches. For 3 meter ceiling, the downrod length should be about 12 inches.


By choosing the correct size of the ceiling fan, it does not only secure the fan’s performance and longevity of the fans but also the comfort and safety of the room occupier. If need any help, please free to contact our professional consultant today.