Spacefans are large air circulation fans. Air is delivered directly downwards below the fans. When the air reaches the ground, it spreads out horizontally 360 degrees with a height of up to 2 metres.

A WingDart is an attachment at the tip of the airfoil to improve its efficiency.

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories. It is a certification standard for electrical and electronics products.
CE stands for European Conformity. It is a Certification standard requires for products to be sold within the European Market.
All spaces with people working in them require air circulation to improve comfort.
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Human are fortunate that their skins are covered with pores!
Sweating is a natural cooling mechanism. Air movement across the skin aids sweat evaporation. The  more wet the skin is the cooler one feels.

Yes, but not so practical in the tropical countries.

Common High Ceiling Areas, Warehouses, School, Mosques, Hangars, Restaurants, MRT/LRT Stations, Food Courts, Shopping Malls, Discotheques,
Sports Halls, Stadiums, Community Centres, Exhibition Halls, Places of Worship, Manufacturing Facilities, Airports, Hotel Foyer, Gymnasiums, Country Clubs,
Wineries, Dairy Farms, Distribution Centres, Defences Shelters, Military Establishment.